Characteristics of Rustic Wood Species

By Bailiegh Basham · August 27, 2015

Characteristics of Rustic Wood Species

What is a Rustic Wood Species?

Using rustic hardwoods in building Amish handcrafted, heirloom furniture adds many beautiful and interesting grain patterns and unique character.

As each tree grows, exclusive grain patterns develop around the branches, as well as mineral pits, which are both inspired by nature. Natural variations in color and grain are inherent characteristics and add to the beauty of the wood. The knots found in rustic woods are where the knots were on the tree, resulting in uniqueness that is unmatched by regular furniture.

Our skilled Amish craftsmen will incorporate the natural defects such as knots, mineral streaking, grain distortions, and sapwood in creating your custom piece, all while maintaining structural integrity.

Depending on which piece of furniture you’re interested in, it may be available in the following wood species:

  • Rustic Oak
  • Rustic Cherry
  • Rustic Walnut
  • Rustic Brown Maple/ Rough Sawn Maple
  • Rustic Quartersawn White Oak

Keep in mind that if you select a rustic wood for your Countryside purchase, you will still receive wood samples to aid in your decision, but these will be for color purposes only. These samples do not reflect the intensified natural characteristics of a rustic wood such as knots, mineral streaks, sapwood, hand planing, saw marks, and wood color variation. Since each piece of rustic furniture is so unique and no two trees are alike, it is impossible to produce representative samples.

Pictured: Coronado Corner Entertainment Center in Rustic Cherry | Tuskegee Bed in Rustic Quartersawn White Oak

Before purchasing American-made, rustic wood furniture from Countryside, it is imperative to understand what to expect. Please remember the natural characteristics incorporated into rustic furniture creates a distinctive, one-of-a-kind heirloom to be enjoyed for generations.