Baby Crib Buying Guide

By Kara Harris · June 18, 2015

Baby Crib Buying Guide

Countryside's Guide to Buying Baby Cribs

Selecting the perfect baby crib can be difficult with so many options to consider. Allow our Baby Crib Buying Guide to help you select yours.

1. Baby Crib Safety Standards

All our baby cribs meet or exceed all federal safety standards outlined by the ASTM, American Society for Testing and Materials. This includes impact testing of the mattress support system, side rails and slat strength/integrity. Additionally, latching mechanism tests and component spacing assessments are conducted. 

To ensure the safety of your little one, our Amish builders continue to reassess the construction of our baby cribs as new requirements are released.

2. Style

Customize a baby crib to complement your existing nursery décor with Countryside. Select from a variety of styles – from Mission to Modern and everything in between. Once you have selected your crib, make your wood and finish selections from those provided.

For your Transitional Nursery, combining both Traditional and Contemporary elements, consider our Luxembourg Crib.

3. Caster Wheels

The addition of wheels on our Windsor Portable Crib makes for easy transport - perfect for sweeping baby’s nursery or moving the crib from your bedroom to theirs. Smaller in size, our Windsor Portable Crib is ideal for your compact home or apartment. 

4. Crib Mattress Height and Support

Countryside's cribs offer multiple mattress placements for ease of use as baby grows. New parents can raise the mattress height to gently lay down sleeping newborns. Easily lower the crib mattress as your little one grows and gains enough strength to pull up.

All mattresses are supported by a metal spring frame  – the sturdiest of choices.

5. Convertible Cribs

Convert your nursery into a child’s bedroom without the hassle that accompanies buying new bedroom furniture. Our San Marino, for example, boasts the ability to convert into a full size bed with the addition of the full bed kit. For toddlers, simply remove the front railing to transform your baby crib into a small day bed.

With a variety of convertible cribs to choose from, Countryside makes transitioning from crib to bed both convenient and economical. 

No matter which crib you choose, ensure it is carefully crafted for your little one by our Amish artisans. Shop Countryside's Baby Cribs & Youth Beds today!