Arts & Crafts Style in Amish Furniture

By Bailiegh Basham · October 5, 2016

Arts & Crafts Style in Amish Furniture

Craftsman Style Amish Furniture Defined

“Arts & Crafts Furniture Style” can be described in many ways: Natural, Organic, Warm, Simple, Handcrafted, Muted, Geometric, Subtle, Unadorned, Sturdy, Arching, Simple, Quality, Angular, Functionality, and Substantial.

Arts & Crafts furniture styling took off around at the turn of the 20th century in a direct backlash against the style of the Victorian era. This fresh style celebrated natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship rather than the embellished and decorative accents that came before it. Many of these overly adorned pieces were poorly made and did not withstand long-term use. The answer of the Arts and Crafts Movement offered simplicity, durability and beauty of craftsmanship – much like the values of our expert Amish craftsmen. These pieces were designed and built so they could be enjoyed and handed down through generations.

Common Arts & Crafts Furniture Elements

  • clean, straight lines
  • simple arches or curves
  • rich, domestic solid woods
  • eased edges
  • warm, hand-rubbed finishes
  • high quality, refined craftsmanship
  • decoration through craftsmanship (not elaborate ornamentation)
  • functionality serving a household purpose

Generally speaking, Arts & Crafts furniture pieces are stained a medium brown or golden color (for example, our Burnished Honey or Southern Pecan are very popular). The stain amplifies, rather than hides, the natural variations in the wood. Very rarely are these hardwood pieces painted; the beauty and organic nature of the wood is meant to be the centerpiece. Oak and Quartersawn White Oak are the iconic wood species of this style, but Cherry, Rustic Cherry, and even Hickory also can appear.

Pictured: Dayton Office Set

Arts & Crafts style furniture can be characterized by straight slats or wooden arches, flared or straight legs, through tenons, pronounced corbels, decorative ebony inlays and leaded glass or wooden panel doors.

Today, our expert Amish craftsmen still adhere to the basic principles embraced by craftsmen of the original Arts and Crafts movement. They construct their made-to-order furniture pieces by hand from the finest domestic hardwoods and avoid mass production at all costs. Each piece of furniture is a one of a kind work of art.

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