7 Tips for Decorating Your Bookcase

By Bailiegh Basham · October 13, 2015

7 Tips for Decorating Your Bookcase

Decorating Tips for Amish Bookcases

Follow our guide of bookcase decorating ideas to bring a little personality to your handcrafted Amish bookcase or shelf.

Bookcases have a double duty: they obviously store books, but they are also an excellent display piece for accessories and décor. Use these quick and simple tips to arrange your shelves so they are both functional and pleasing to the eye.

1. Play with Color – Try coordinating items of similar hues and group them together. Bright pops of color always make a statement, or even try white and black.

2. Find Your Statement Piece – Display a sentimental item that means a lot to you, or find an undeniably noteworthy piece at a flea market and show it off.

3. Use Baskets or Totes – These help break up the space, add visual interest, AND create enclosed storage options for loose odds and ends.

4. Add Some Art Pieces – Bookcases aren’t just for books – focus attention on a sculpture piece or hang painting and incorporate elements with varying heights. Display smaller accessories in front and graduate to taller and larger pieces behind.

5. Alternate Stacking Techniques – To add a little visual interest, alternate stacking books both vertically and horizontally. This will also help your art and decor items stand out.

6. Beautify with Bookends – Available in all shapes and sizes, bookends are an easy way to lend personality to a group of books.

7. Keep It Simple – Less is more, so resist the urge to pack in a number of accessories on each shelf. Place items off-center or try larger or smaller ones until you like what you see.

Mix it up! Display a mixture of books, accessories, collectibles, totes, DIY creations, and photos.

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