3 Ways to Upgrade your Outdoor Space this Summer

By Heidy Perales · June 26, 2019

3 Ways to Upgrade your Outdoor Space this Summer

Upgrading your outdoor living experience by taking in a few new additions.

1) Add a Swing  

You may not have the opportunity to go on vacation this summer, but at least you can feel it in the comfort of your home! Have your morning coffee and enjoy the sunrise, read a book in a nice sunny afternoon, enjoy some relaxing swinging sensation. You can never go wrong with adding a swing to your porch this summer! A huge tip is to not just invest in a stylish swing, invest in a durable one. The Odessa Adirondack Swing here can give you both!  


2) Add An Outdoor Gathering Set 

Not much can beat sitting next to the pool and having family and friends gather around a beautiful outdoor set. This is the perfect summer day! Choose the table and chairs suited for you and dd as much to your gathering place. Pillows add a feeling of coziness, flowers and plants give a lot of life and even improve air quality. There are many ways to tailor your gathering areas to your taste! 

3) Add Lights!

    Adding lights can improve an outdoor furniture set, but they can honestly go anywhere in your outdoor living space. Fairy lights add a nice warm touch, especially on a late summer night. Hang them up around a tent, or just from one corner to the other. They may even help you imagine sitting outside an outdoor restaurant in the walks of Venice, Italy.  For more lights inspiration, check out this article by Y Lighting Ideas



At the end of the day, when it comes to upgrading your outdoor set, it's important to go for furniture that not only is pleasing to you, but that is also durable and water resistant. Many of our products at Countryside give you just that and are even environmentally friendly! As always, Your Vision is Our Passion! Check out our complete outdoor catalog here