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Our Family is Growing

  //   Pam Carver

...A Brand New Selection of Cribs.

Our gorgeous new cribs are safe and stylish, and like all of our furniture here at Countryside, you get to add your own finishing touches. We offer a wide variety of hand-rubbed finishes, so your baby’s crib will be as unique as she is.

We take great care in building safe, solid cribs that meet the new 2011 CPSC’s (Consumer Product Safety Commission) guidelines.  The new standards require that cribs are made of stronger materials, hardware and mattress supports. Drop-side cribs are basically banned from the market, and new cribs must undergo extensive testing to get a passing grade on safety. Since it will be almost impossible to find a crib made before 2011 that meets these standards, the CPSC has also made it illegal to buy or sell a new or used crib that doesn’t measure up.  (Please visit the CPSC’s website to learn about ALL of the new regulations.) 

To make sure you and your baby sleep safely, all of the braces, tops, backers, and side panels of our cribs are made of solid wood.  Although our quality craftmanship can help you sleep peacefully, we have not found a way to help your baby sleep longer. 

As your baby grows, her crib can grow too. For preschool years, our cribs easily convert to a toddler-sized youth bed, and conversion kits are available to make the toddler bed a full-size bed. 

Ordering online from Countryside is quick and easy. Because your lovely new crib will be delivered right to your doorstep in just 10-14 weeks, you won’t have to wait nine months to see this beautiful new heirloom. You can skip waiting in lines at a retailer, and you won’t be disappointed to find your choice is out of stock or have to cram a heavy dusty box in the trunk of your car.

Please visit our website to see our new arrivals, and for design ideas, take a look at our ideas and inspiration page.

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